Welcome to Weird Sisters Publishing

Welcome to Weird Sisters Publishing

Weird Sisters Publishing is a small press established in 2019 by Jan S. Gephardt and G. S. Norwood. We’re devoted to publishing science fiction, speculative, mystery, and contemporary fiction.

Our Books

Welcome! We have tales to tell, and we’re not afraid to tell them. We hope you’ll join us for new adventures! Learn more about our ever-growing book list on Our Books page.

Our first few fiction offerings will be our own stories, with more to come from Warren C. Norwood, and possibly others.

Weird Sisters Publishing aims to produce the very best stories we can, illustrated with excellent original artwork by talented artists. We’re especially eager to work with talented women and persons of color. We’re proud to work with artists such as Jody A. Lee, Chaz Kemp, and Lucy A. Synk. See our contact page for more information.

Weird Sisters Publishing: We have tales to tell. This picture shows covers for The XK9 Series, Deep Ellum Stories, and The Windhover Tetralogy.

The Weird Blog

For weekly thoughts from Jan or G., we hope you enjoy The Weird Blog. Here are recent posts:

  • The Road to Archon 46
    The road to Archon 46  has almost come to an end. As you read this, we’ll be packing up final things or literally be ON the road, driving toward Collinsville, IL. But anytime we come to a science fiction convention we bring artwork, books, free promotional items, plus carefully chosen clothing and accessories and all the other needed “support items” to make the trip a success. When I think about all of those elements, and all the time it took … Read more
  • The Right Name
    I got a new truck. That was the fun part. The hard part was coming up with the right name for it. The truck is a 2023 Ford Bronco Sport in a color they call Shadow Black. That’s basically black, but shiny, not matte. No blacked-out chrome or anything that would help me hide in the woods if I wanted to go off grid. This truck was built for off-roading, though, with standard four-wheel drive and adjustable G.O.A.T. modes. That … Read more
  • Weird Sisters and Friends
    By Jan S. Gephardt Weird Sisters and Friends are going on the road again at the end of September. All through this convention season, Weird Sisters Publishing has been experimenting with having a dealers table at the science fiction cons I’ve attended in person. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’ve seen the posts. But we’re still in start-up mode as a micro-press publisher. And we had some production issues during the winter and early spring … Read more
  • Good Friend/Bad Influence
    By G. S. Norwood I’m convinced that everyone needs a good friend who is a bad influence. You might want to wait to get such a friend until after you’ve logged enough years as an adult to genuinely understand the basics of right and wrong: But once you get those habits ingrained in your soul, you need to find a good friend who can be a bad influence on you every once in a while. A Good Friend A good … Read more
  • The Year for Horror
    By Jan S. Gephardt Apparently this was the year for horror. At least, when it came to author readings at SoonerCon 31, it certainly seemed to be. I’m not sure why quite such a consistent stream of horror prevailed at the readings I attended. Perhaps living in the twilight of the Pandemic could be some of it. Maybe life at constant risk of mass-shooters the banners of books has done something to our collective psyche? Whatever the reason, SoonerCon 31 … Read more

The Nazgûl Nebula (header image) is © 2019, and the cover art for The Other Side of Fear Is ©2020 by Lucy A. Synk. The covers for What’s Bred in the Bone and A Bone to Pick are © 2019 and 2020 respectively by Jody A. Lee. All the other covers on the montage are © 2019-2022 by Chaz Kemp.