It’s a book!

It’s a book!

We’ve teased you about The Other Side of Fear for the past couple of weeks–first with a front cover reveal, and then with a sample from Chapter one.

Today Weird Sisters Publishing is proud to announce the arrival (sort of) of Jan S. Gephardt’s new book, The Other Side of Fear! It’s now available in the Kindle Store. Other outlets may still “processing” it.

But we can give you more glimpses.

What’s it about, anyway?

First, here’s the official book description for The Other Side of Fear:

Does she have what it takes?

Orangeboro police officer Pamela Gómez took her own dare. Now she’s headed planetside, to meet the challenge of her life.

XK9s are the newest, most powerful tool in law enforcement, but these super-dogs need human partners. The Orangeboro Police Department has purchased ten XK9s. Only an elite corps of officers will be chosen as their handlers.

Pam’s never had a dog, never left her home space station, and never thought of herself as an “elite” anything, but she took the courses, passed the tests, and made the cut. Now she’s an XK9 partner-candidate, bound for Planet Chayko, despite all her fears.

Does she have what it takes to handle an XK9? The answer to that will take her places she never dared to dream about.

Here’s the complete cover for The Other Side of Fear

Both the front and back covers for the print edition of "The Other Side of Fear," by Jan S. Gephardt
The Other Side of Fear cover art © 2020 by Lucy A. Synk

You already know how we worked with artist Lucy A. Synk on this cover, developing the concept and sweating the small stuff. Right down to “What does an ashasata look like?” and “Who are all the people in the background?”

It’s a book–but a book with a really tiny spine. The spine width on this wraparound cover art provided an exercise in miniaturization. The book only weighed in at 100 pages (after all, it’s a novella, not a full novel). For those who haven’t read What’s Bred in the Bone, there’s also a preview of Chapter One at the end.

But our Art Director hates to see a blank spine on a book, even if it’s a skinny one. Wait till you see her tackle Deep Ellum Pawn. That’s next up. If all goes well, Deep Ellum Pawn will be available in paperback and wide release by this time next week!

The Other Side of Fear is now available!

The Kindle Store now has this title available. Keep checking your Barnes & Noble account, or hop onto Jan’s Amazon Author Page. You should find it there soon!

IMAGE CREDIT: Many thanks to artist Lucy A. Synk for the cover artwork, which is © 2020 by Lucy A. Synk, all rights reserved.

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