Deep Ellum Blues releases today

Deep Ellum Blues releases today

If you’ve been watching for the day when Deep Ellum Blues releases, you’re in luck. After about a month in “presale” mode, it’s live and available today!

In case you’ve been away for a while and missed our earlier posts, Deep Ellum Blues is G. S. Norwood’s second story in the “Deep Ellum Stores” collection. Visit the book’s detail page on our website for a book description and links to Mudcat’s Setlists.

The Cover of Deep Ellum Blues
Deep Ellum Blues Cover artwork © 2020 by Chaz Kemp.

What is Deep Ellum Blues about?

Perhaps our official story description will help set the scene.

As the genius loci of Deep Ellum, Ms. Eddy Weeks is a hands-off goddess who won’t micro-manage human affairs.  She’d rather sit on the sidelines and enjoy the show.

But a young blues musician named Mudcat Randall is flirting with disaster.  Eddy’s old adversary wants Mudcat to sign a tempting management contract.  Eddy knows there are deadly strings attached. 

Can she afford to stand back when a third force enters the fray, and everything Mudcat has ever prayed for is suddenly on the line?

Learn more about the story and its background through some of our earlier posts on The Weird Blog! We’ve described the making of the cover, shared an interview of G. S. Norwood by acclaimed international best-selling mystery author Deborah Crombie, and published Chapter One of the story, to whet your appetite.

Do I have to read Deep Ellum Pawn to understand Blues?

The story of Deep Ellum Blues stands complete on its own, so no, you don’t have to read Pawn beforehand. But you’ll learn some spoilers if you do! The stories happen sequentially, which is why we recommend you read Pawn first.

All of the projected “Deep Ellum” stories are planned to be capable of standing alone. Oh, yes, we definitely plan more. G. S. Norwood has two more in development now, so watch for future announcements.

After the fourth one is published, Weird Sisters Publishing plans to release a collection of all four, published “wide.” That means it’ll be available in ebook or print, through a variety of platforms.

The cover of Deep Ellum Pawn.
Deep Ellum Pawn Introduced the series and its central character, Ms. Eddy Weekes. Cover art © 2019 by Chaz Kemp.

What to expect when Deep Ellum Blues releases

If you’ve preordered your copy, Amazon will send you a notice that it’s been downloaded to your Kindle or other device. Just open and read!

If you haven’t yet ordered the book before Deep Ellum Blues releases, follow the link or search for the title to order it. If you read it through Kindle Unlimited, it may be available free or at a lower rate. Get your copy today!

NOTE: ALL ARTWORK featured in this post is © 2019 or 2020 by Chaz Kemp. All rights reserved. Be courteous! Re-post or reblog with an attribution and link back to this post and to Chaz Kemp.

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