Our Books: We Have Tales to Tell

Our Books: We Have Tales to Tell

Here at Weird Sisters Publishing our list of books keeps expanding. We have tales to tell, and we’re working hard to tell them in entertaining ways!

You’ll find lots of animals, amazing adventures, and interesting people in our books. Most of our protagonists are more than what they seem (or sometimes even what they think they are).

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© 2017 by Colette Waters
© 2020 by Chaz Kemp

Warren C. Norwood’s Books

Coming soon! We’ll publish updates about the release of The Windhover Tetralogy this winter! Science Fiction by Warren C. Norwood!

Jan S. Gephardt’s Books

A square image with an orange-brown background shows the covers of ‘The Other Side of Fear,’ ‘What’s Bred in the Bone,’ and ‘A Bone to Pick.’ Above them the words say “Meet Jan S. Gephardt’s XK9s.” Below them, three lines of much smaller type acknowledge cover artists Lucy A. Synk ©2020 and Jody A. Lee ©2019 and 2020.
Cover art is © 2019 and 2020 by Lucy A. Synk and Jody A. Lee, as noted below the cover images.

Uplifted police dogs on a space station: science fiction with mystery plots, cold noses, and wagging tails.

Learn more about Jan S. Gephardt’s books.

The Other Side of Fear, A prequel Novella about the XK9s is available now. (Find out how to get it FREE)

What’s Bred in the Bone, Book One in the XK9 “Bones” Trilogy is available now!

A Bone to Pick, Book Two in the XK9 “Bones” Trilogy is available now!

Bone of Contention, Book Three in the XK9 “Bones” Trilogy is scheduled for release in 2024.

G. S. Norwood’s Stories

Covers for G. S. Norwood's novellas, "Deep Ellum Pawn" and "Deep Ellum Blues."
Deep Ellum Pawn cover is © 2019, and Deep Ellum Blues cover is © 2020. Both by Chaz Kemp.

Urban fantasy, mystery, and contemporary women’s fiction

Learn More about G. S. Norwood’s Deep Ellum Series!

Deep Ellum Pawn is available now through Kindle Unlimited.

Deep Ellum Blues is available now through Kindle Unlimited.

Now in the works! Death in Deep Ellum, a murder mystery that places Ms. Eddy in an unaccustomed pickle.

Meet interesting characters

Not so sure of herself but willing to meet a challenge, Officer Pam Gómez of the Orangeboro PD is in for some new discoveries on The Other Side of Fear. She’s also ready to meet new allies, who are like no one she’s met before.

Our books are full of interesting characters. Meet XK9 Rex, advertised to his new owners, the Orangeboro Police Department, as living forensic equipment with a verbal interface, in What’s Bred in the Bone. But there’s a great deal more to Rex than meets the eye! The adventure continues in A Bone to Pick and the upcoming third book in the XK9 “Bones” Trilogy, Bone of Contention. Learn more about the XK9s through Jan’s monthly newsletter.

You’re in for a treat (as well as startling surprises) when you meet Ms. Eddy Weekes, proprietor of Deep Ellum Pawn. She decides that this time she’ll deal once and for all with the golden fiddle that keeps turning up on her shop counter–and she’ll do it in her own unique way.

Ms. Eddy herself is in for some surprises when she meets up-and-coming Blues guitarist Mudcat Randall. He’s more than he appears. Unfortunately he’s also caught the eye of one of Eddy’s ancient rivals. She’s always said “People have the right to make their own hideous, life-altering mistakes.” But can Eddy stand by and let Mudcat walk into a deadly trap?

Our list of books is growing!

Please watch for more of our books, available as soon as we can get them ready!

Stay tuned for updates on G. S. Norwood’s latest Deep Ellum story, Death in Deep Ellum. And her upcoming women’s fiction novel Wrong-Way Riley is now under editorial review. We hope to publish it in 2023-24.

We’ll keep you posted on developments with Jan S. Gephardt‘s XK9 “Bones” Trilogy Book Three, Bone of Contention. Best way to stay up-to-date? Subscribe to Jan’s monthly Newsletter (and get The Other Side of Fear FREE!). Jan also publishes original short “XK9 Universe” fiction as newsletter exclusives.

Warren C. Norwood’s classic sf and fantasy tales return to print with the Windhover Series! Preorders start this winter!