About G. S. Norwood

About G. S. Norwood

An imaginative portrait of G. S. Norwood with her dog Kata, in Deep Ellum, with some fantastical elements.
G. S. Norwood. Portrait © 2020 by Chaz Kemp

G. S. Norwood was more or less doomed to a life as an arts professional.  Her mother was an art teacher and her father taught drafting and design.  She was listening to classical music in the womb, and spent her summer vacations roaming art museums the way other kids went to Six Flags and Disneyland.

Since her older sister was a seriously amazing visual artist with a beautiful soprano voice, G. went into theatre and instrumental music, where there was less competition.  She got her BFA in Theatre and Interpretation.

But she dropped out of band when she realized she’d have to get up really early all summer long and march.  A night owl with kinesthetic dyslexia, she understood that marching band would not play to her strengths.

G. S. Norwood was Always a Writer

Writing, however, was a constant.  She took her first stab at storytelling when she was four.  The story didn’t have a strong plot, and the characters were a little sketchy, but it had something to do with horses and ghosts—subjects she still enjoys.

As a professional, she has written political speeches, press releases, brochure copy, radio commercials, and feature stories for a major regional newspaper.  After a stint in the corporate healthcare world she fled home to the arts, writing grant proposals for the Van Cliburn Foundation, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and many others.  She is currently back on the production side of the desk as Director of Concert Operations for the Dallas Winds. 

Married for seventeen years to writer Warren C. Norwood, she has written a number of novels and short stories (stay tuned for more G. S. Norwood titles forthcoming from Weird Sisters Publishing!), and blog posts. Her Deep Ellum Stories grew out of her affection for the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, and her working knowledge of musical instruments, regional folklore, and all the other odd bits of stuff that have piled up in that store room behind the pawnshop.

Read more about G. S. Norwood’s Deep Ellum Stories currently out or coming soon from Weird Sisters Publishing!

Superimposed over a photo of a mural that reads "Deep Ellum," the upper part of the image has 3D views of Deep Ellum Pawn, Deep Ellum Duet, and Deep Ellum Blues on e-readers, and Deep Ellum Duet as a slender paperback. Under them in large white type is "G. S. Norwood." Cover art is © 2019, 2020, and 2023 by Chaz Kemp.